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We create marketing materials for our clients that help growing their business or market an event. It could be just a logo, a banner, an illustration or powerfully written words.


Samples of work

What we do


Studio Soniik offers large- and small-scale design work, which is supported by corporate marketing activities, both online and in print media.


Logo design

Logo is a visual icon of the brand that reflects the character and identity of the company. We design 3-5 different versions, from which the client selects the most suitable one, where they can request changes. As an output they will receive the main version of the logo, black and white versions and an alternative version aswell.


Visual identity

Visual identity is the part of branding that incorporates the look of the brand and creates a unified visual across all marketing materials. The identity creation process will result in a brand book outlining the logo and its use, colors, typography, graphics and examples of how to use them. The process starts with consultation and completing the questionnaire.


Print design

We design various publications such as posters, flyers, leaflets, roll-ups, banners, as well as larger catalogs.


Social media design and photo manipulation

Good promotional materials are needed to stand out in the colorful world of social media. Cover photos and post photos are part of our everyday work. In addition, we are able to edit your existing photos so that they stand out.



Vector graphics illustrations can be used for publications, advertisements, blog posts or on packages.



Want to deliver a message but can’t find the right words for it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that too. We write shorter and longer texts on advertising materials and blogs. We are also translating texts from english to estonian and vice versa.